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Dr. Hamid Rafique Khan Khattak - CEO IMPERIAL Institute

Thank you indeed for taking the time to read my message, which is intended for two types of audience: those students and knowledge seekers who intend to shine at their academics and secondly those professionals and teachers that have the ambition of making and then excelling at their careers.

The purpose of this message is to help you get the best that we have to offer. Perhaps the best way is by making the case for what makes us different and advantaged over the rest. Strategically speaking IMPERIAL institute is the academic initiative of MANTECH&ARC, which is a partner organization of International Trade Centre-joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization. We have funneled our expertise and experience of serving the most prestigious companies nationally and internationally into a practical learning experience offered at IMPERIAL Institute. Therefore, you are about to read 4 key attributes that we believe creates the difference between us and other institutions you might be evaluating.

Visionary - Over 26 years of individual academic experience as well as multidimensional and diverse evolutionary growth – the experience that has spanned the best national and international institutions, corporate and industry has been translated into real organizational vision at IMPERIAL Institute. Our purpose is all about “transforming to succeed”. We guarantee you that! We have been therefore exceptional at learning, anticipating, reinventing and most of all gelling that value into our institutional culture. You get to develop the multi-faceted advanced skills, abilities and attitudes besides the essential knowledge that would open new personal and professional vistas unimagined by you before thereby making you exceptionally transformed!

Professionalism: Our professionals are experts at what they do and they do it best consistently. How do we measure that strength? If one can fathom doing an activity repeatedly, happily and successfully, that strength will be maximized. We have continually attracted those people whether students, professionals or experts who love us for our institutional culture and the quality of academics. They all become part of what we do and they do so collectively as well as individually.

Credibility: With us you do not have to worry about your future. We are essentially a system-based institution with solid processes and practices and are very entrepreneurial in essence. This has enabled the institution to remain sustainable since the year of its inception i.e., year 2001. With our experience, tools and skills, we are replete with tangible and intangible assets that enable us to leverage and optimize. With us you can be sure of getting the right opportunity to show the world what you have got, while we give you the strength of continually offering you our support.

Diversity: While today’s competitive market demands diversity of knowledge and skills, academic institutions generally have not been exposed to the real market, which limits their capabilities to offer only theoretical solutions. We on the other hand derive from our rich experience and practical working. We therefore offer the right mix and blend of the tools, techniques, skills and knowledge making you compellingly competitive. In simple words we offer that special value at IMPERIAL institute that only comes with our diverse exposure and experience!

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